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Welcome To Trains On Tracks Consignment Page

We want to offer our customers a chance to pick up some quality previously owned items for a great bargain. Over the years many of our customers have inquired about this and we have recently changed and expanded our business plan to offer these products as another option to serve our customers. If you have one or hundreds of model train products, we can help you to sell your products or maybe you just want to thin your collection.

In today's market, people are trying to buy your collection of model trains at an unfair price. Here at Trains on Tracks, we want to consign your trains to give you a fair market price for the consignor and the buyer of your products.

Our Terms for Selling Your Products

  • 1) Consignors receive 65% of the selling price for items.
  • 2) Prices are set by us to determine the best price for you. If you have input about your price we will be happy to listen. Prices that we set when your product first comes to us may change with time, so we can sell your product and get you paid for your products.
  • 3) We will market your product at a fair price. We may reduce the original price for some products so that we can get your products sold.
  • 4) We charge a buyer’s fee of 15% when the product is sold. The additional 15% added to the consigned price is a fee paid by the buyer. You still receive 65% of the consigned price.
  • 5) Checks will be mailed out to you to the consignors whose items were sold during the previous two weeks.

Making A List of Products That You Are Consigning to Us

  • 1) Our process starts with a list of the items you would like to sell. It is best if you have a list of the name of the manufacture of the product and the item number. If you don't have a list or can't make a list, we can make it for you.
  • 2) For large collections, we can work with you to make arrangements without a list.

Out of State Consignors

  • 1) Product must be packed in shipping boxes and taped well.
  • 2) Have a list of products that you sent us.

If you have other questions please call us at 603-554-1543 or email us at: 

Thank you for giving us a chance to sell your model train collection at a fair market price.

Trains On Tracks Model Train Service

Trains on Tracks specializes in repairing and maintaining all scales (HO, 0, S, G) and makes (MTH, Bachman, American Flyer, Athern, Broadway Limited, Piko, Lionel, Marklin) of model trains.

With over 30 years in the business, we have the skills, state of the art tools and parts to keep your trains running at their peak performance whether prewar, post-war, or modern. Your trains are a significant investment and we take pride in keeping them running like new.

We also offer engine software and functionality upgrades. We are recognized experts in the latest DCS, DCC and Lionel Legacy operating systems and specialize in Soundtraxx/Electric Railroad decoders.

Trains on Tracks LLC